Hard Drive Healing

Hard Drive Healing

Data Loss And Recovery

Not many people are aware of the terms and details of data recovery. The first time that most people encounter such terms is when their own hard drive or storage format refuses to allow access to their valuable data. Panic buttons strike and all hell goes loose when one cannot access the hard work that one has put in after burning the midnight oil. One obviously wishes that he never faces the dreary situation of a hard drive crash or an inaccessible CD or tape, but the practical thing to do is to keep yourself updated with information about the resources that are handy that can be tapped for restoration of data. Data loss occurs when you cannot access data that has been stored earlier on any of the storage mediums like tapes, CD's, floppy disks or hard drives. It can occur due to accidental deletion of files, reformatting re-formatting of partitions in the hard disk, a component failure in the hard disk or a hard disk crash. It is sometimes occurs for weird unexplainable reasons where a file that was easily accessible suddenly refuses to open.

Data recovery is the actual process of restoring the lost data. This means extracting the files from the damaged storage system so that they are accessible to the user who created them in the first place. Even though high-end processes relating to data recovery have made the task easier and saving data from magnetic disks, tapes and CD's is not a problem, it would be foolhardy to assume that all data is recoverable. Even as the most professional people work in the storage medium, there is no guarantee that 100% of the data shall be recovered and accessible.

If you ever chance to be in this unfortunate situation of having lost data, the first thing that you should attempt is to use one of the many data recovery software that are available on the net. In most cases these software are likely to solve your problem unless a lot of damage has been caused. If recovery is not easy, then you will need to resort to an expert in this field.

There are some cases that are easy and some that are difficult to handle. The common data recoveries involve extracting data from floppies or hard drive used by individuals on a personal computer. The complex ones include raid arrays, tapes, optical media and large databases that are used in medium or large businesses. These are mostly networked and take a lot of time, energy, expertise and effort to extract successfully. In most cases 100% of the data is not recovered.

The data recovery modules and processes need to be customized and suited to the specific situation to get the best results. And so be sure that you consult an expert if your data in invaluable and if the damage is not minor.